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Ar.KC Leow
Architect/Urban designer

-Worked in London (UK) from 1984-1994           

-Senior Architect at GDP Architects(Malaysia)

-Involved with Foster and Partners on University Technology PETRONAS (UTP)

Educational Background 
and memberships

-Graduated in London in Architecture (1984)

-Post graduate Diploma in Urban Design(1994)

-Member of the RIBA (UK) 1988 and LAM/PAM (Malaysia) 1997 

Range of experiences

-Residential development (incl. sheltered housing)


-Health care

-Retail (Shopping Complex)

-Commercial (Office)


-Urban design/Master planning 


-Awarded the Aga Khan Award 2007 (University Technology PETRONAS (UTP)

-Won "Greening of Georgetown, Penang " competition 2010

"Architecture should enrich and enhance the places and lives of people it touches."

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